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  Texas Holdem


There is nothing about casino games you won’t find at online casinos. Fortunately for the new players, there is a growing number of resources both online and offline that can help you learn the basic skills needed to succeed in an online poker game. There are quite a few free online poker sites where you can play without risking real money. Free version of online poker is available at all major online casinos, just to test their software or to get bit familiar with the game. The purpose of an online poker game is to win the pot, or the money in the middle of the table which is used by each player. Players can win by the best hand or by bluffing.

Play texas holdem is not difficult to become good players but yes, because this is probably the first game in which the strategy is more important than any other card games or table that you can find in online casinos and other casinos on the internet.

The rules of texas hold'em sit at the table usually provide for a maximum of 9 players, each of them pays a buy-in from the right to get the chips and join the game, unless you play mode poker cash game, in this case with the money you buy a quantity of chips, which varies depending on the amount spent, so each player can be playing at the table until he feels like, or until all the money ends .

Once you have paid the buy-in, and obtained the chips, you just have to start the game, so in turn each of the players will act as the dealer, at his place of the dealer button is placed, ie with a white tassel the dealer's written, it will be moved clockwise and passed from player to player.

The dealer deals the cards starting with the player who is immediately to its left, which has meanwhile placed on the table the amount of chips corresponding to the so-called small blind, while the next player has placed the big blind, which amounts to twice the smallest dark.

The first player to act is found to the left who has placed the big blind, these, with his two cards in your hand can decide whether to play the game, also placing an amount of at least equal to the big blind, or withdraw from the hand folded.

In the next article on texas hold'em explain how does the rest of the game, step by step, and then we'll talk about strategies for texas holdem more useful, indispensable in order to compare players with good experience in poker to Texas Holdem.