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There is nothing about casino games you won’t find at online casinos. Fortunately for the new players, there is a growing number of resources both online and offline that can help you learn the basic skills needed to succeed in an online poker game. There are quite a few free online poker sites where you can play without risking real money. Free version of online poker is available at all major online casinos, just to test their software or to get bit familiar with the game. The purpose of an online poker game is to win the pot, or the money in the middle of the table which is used by each player. Players can win by the best hand or by bluffing.

The texas hold'em poker is the most successful variant, both in live tournaments and tournaments of poker online, poker room in the virtual poker to Texas is one which involves the largest number of fans, probably because it is among variations of poker, one in which the strategic aspect is more important.

If you want to play Texas hold'em online, you can take part in different types of tournaments, for example, there are the sit and go tournaments, which generally take place in about thirty minutes, and that involve only one poker table.

In sit and go texas hold'em, are generally awarded only the first three winners, who won the tournament receives the reward of course higher, but the second and third receive a sum of money proportional to the cost of the buy-in .
If you are a new poker player, we suggest you start with tournaments from 1 €, so you can practice, spending a little and doing a lot of experience, the experience of playing poker texas hold'em is important, but obviously not everything.

To become a good player is good to start with tournaments with low entry costs, in these tournaments you will find many novice players, and in some cases even the smartest strategies may not reward you, so please try to really push only really good cards, many of those who sit at the tables from 1 € play with anything better to wait a good hand to make good winnings.

There are dozens and dozens of strategies for texas hold'em, but to start playing sit and go tournaments, you should follow before all this advice, tournaments with low buy-ins, and play with good cards, as they go up to tournaments with higher costs can adopt more complex strategies and if you prove a good player.